Pacific Monte Carlo owes its name to the Pacific Ocean and its treasures.
Creations, flavors. tastes and ingredients, come from countries of the Pacific Ocean.
Alaska with its frozen & pure waters, home of the rare black cod,
Japan with its Sashimi, the Sake Beef, the fresh Seaweed, the Tempuras,
USA, the great plains of the Black Angus, open range and grass-fed Prime Beef,
Peru. fresh fish, exotic fruits, jalapeño peppers, yuzu, quinoa and the ceviche,
Mexico with the avocado guacamole, its tortillas, hot spices and the lime,
Patagonia, next to the South Pole with its unique thin and crispy calamari.
China’s Peking style duck, the Beef Wok & its oyster & hoisin sauce.
Monte Carlo,
Sanctuary of the famous and the successful, the stars and the jetsetters
Elegance is the style; absolute quality is a must and pretention is a sin.
Directly in the heart of the Riviera we could not resist adding some local specials.
Fresh truffles, olive oil, organic Provence vegetables, daily caught fish.
Indulge yourselves to this gastronomic journey and let your senses guide you.